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The Why

In 2022, the enchanting and extraordinary Val Kilmer founded Kamp Kilmer, driven by his vision to create a community and space dedicated to celebrating and nurturing art.

"A fun sacred space where artists, musicians, muses, collectors, and friends gather to celebrate creativity." - Val Kilmer

Inspired by his documentary ‘Val,’ which premiered in June 2022, his community on Discord initiated a weekly book club to read his memoir ‘I’m Your Huckleberry.’ From the outset, it was evident that Val Kilmer was a beacon for like-minded creatives and kindred spirits. His memoir only reinforced this, showcasing the inspiring and empowering influence Val and his life have had on the world around him.

His iconic line from Tombstone, “I am your huckleberry,” took on new significance for his community and soon extended to the broader artistic web3 community, as his vision for Kamp Kilmer continued to resonate and attract others.

Taking the initiative, Kamp Kilmer assistant producer Kyt collaborated with celebrated producer Animus to bring this exhibit to life.

"Over the years, Val Kilmer has been our huckleberry, offering encouragement, support, and inspiration to artists, creatives, friends, and muses. Through this exhibit, we aim to demonstrate to the world, and to Val himself, the profound impact he has had. His legacy will forever be etched in the artworks and artists inspired by him. We proudly say, “We’re Your Huckleberry,” both to him and to each other. " - Kyt

This exhibit will consist of 3 Acts (3 drops) comprised of unique artworks created by various artists from around the world. Inspired by the individual 46 chapters of Val Kilmer’s book, “‘I’m Your Huckleberry: A Memoir,” these artists will create unique artworks that reflect their unique inspiration and the chapter of their choice.

The Exhibit

We're Your Huckleberry ~ Act I

From the tender bud of youth's innocence, to the fiery blaze of passion on life's grandest stage, Val Kilmer’s odyssey encaptures joy, sorrow, love, and dreams, a beacon of hope for countless souls traversing their own unique path. Through the dance of time, roles embraced and challenges conquered, Val’s life transcends the boundaries of mere existence, igniting a flame within the hearts of those who dare to dream and aspire to live up to the example of his unbreakable spirit.


Val Kilmer’'s unwavering devotion to his muses, the healing powers of Love and Art, and his fearless pursuit of authenticity brought to life a vision, Kamp Kilmer. Its legacy emerges as a testament to the inestimable power of the threads of fate that connect us, resonating in the hearts of all who dare to listen and inspiring artists from around the world to embark on their own quests and embrace their own singular voices, to paint their stories with the vibrant hues of self-discovery and creation, echoing the incredible spirit of Val Kilmer himself.

Animus, visionary Producer, Curator, Collector, and artist champion, celebrated for fostering deep and lasting connections with artists in both the traditional and digital realms, has assiduously chosen collaborators from among the world’s most highly acclaimed artists to realise ‘We’re Your Huckleberry’, a project dear to Val Kilmer and Kamp Kilmer’s Fraydikyt.

We invite you to join us on the empowering journey of this visual expression of Val Kilmer’s memoir. To experience how his life and spirit have inspired artists from around the world. To grasp those golden threads of destiny that connect us to the artworks inspired by the chapters of his memoir. To become a part of the vision and legacy of Val Kilmer. To truly apprehend the profoundly inclusive and loving spirit behind the promise ‘We’re Your Huckleberry.'

AnimusLive curated 15 artists to construct Act I of ‘We’re Your Huckleberry’. Each artist created a brand new unique artwork inspired by one of the 46 chapters of Val Kilmer’s memoir ‘I’m Your Huckleberry’. The artworks will be sold via a 24-hour auction once their reserve prices are met. Several creations come with an accompanying physical artwork (a few signed by Val Kilmer himself) while others live a purely digital life.

Act One

Meet The Artists

Violet Jones.jpg

Violet Jones



Michele Petrelli.jpg

Michele Petrelli



Tania Rivilis.jpg

Tania Rivilis

George Boya.jpg

George Boya

Nicola Villa.jpg

Nicola Villa



Bobbi Bicker.jpg

Bobbi Bicker



Sasha Barbolin.jpg

Sasha Barbolin



Arne Spangereid.jpg

Arne Spangereid





Zsolt Kosa.jpg

Zsolt Kosa

The Artworks

To see full artworks as they are meant to be experienced please visit Makersplace

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