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Animus is a celebrated and visionary producer, curator, collector, and artist champion, renowned for his profound aesthetic relationships with artists across the traditional and digital universe. 


Drawing inspiration from his parents - a Grammy Award-winning jazz musician and a passionate art collector - Animus possesses a keen eye for artworks marked by subtle humor and dramatic juxtapositions. Beyond amassing an enviable collection comprising more than 3500 artworks, Animus actively collaborates with and has curated hundreds of traditional and web3 artists, featuring them in massive-scale exhibitions around the world, including London, Paris, Lisbon, and Art Basel Miami, on prestigious web3 platforms, and as a co-host of Sotheby's Institute spaces on X. 


Animus recently co-curated a groundbreaking digital art exhibition in the 14th-century Hvar Arsenal in Croatia, displaying the work of Pop Art icon and Warhol cohort Richard Bernstein in dialogue with 10 other highly-accomplished artists. He personally manages award-winning oil painters Arne Spangereid, Tania Rivilis, and Kesja Tabaczuk, and acclaimed photographer Olga Shpak, highlighting his unwavering commitment as an artist advocate, advancing their unique journeys and narratives. Animus seamlessly melds the traditional and digital art realms, substantiating his belief in the transformative power of beauty in art.

In December 2023, Kamp Kilmer proudly announced its official collaboration with the visionary producer and artist champion, Animus. This partnership marks a new chapter for Kamp Kilmer, celebrating renowned artists and curating exhibits that resonate on an international scale. Animus, in his advocacy for all artists and his commitment to empowering emerging talent, embodies the very spirit of Kamp Kilmer.


Makersplace Interview

Interview with Curator, Collector, and Artist Manager AnimusNFT

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