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Kamp Kilmer Discord

Kamp Kilmer is Val’s vision come to life. A loving and magical space. A place of collaboration, creativity, and true connection between people. A community of artists and art lovers determined to create and evolve an ecosystem of spaces built around the tenets of love and healing. A place to collaborate, play and have fun.


Our community is one based on love, healing, elevation, and art.  We grow and shape organically by those who join and contribute to the space.  Our Kampers contribute to each other, elevate each other, and advocate for each other. There is a serendipity to the space. A magical quality that continues to inspire and fulfill our Kampers.  It's literally, all about love.

Kamp Kilmer Metaverse

Kamp Kilmer Metaverse

Val Kilmer x Somnium Space

The Kamp Kilmer metaverse is a NFT world dedicated to the artistic life of Val Kilmer. 

Located in Somnium Space

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