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About Kamp Kilmer

Kamp Kilmer embodies Val’s vision brought to life—a loving and magical space where collaboration, creativity, and true connection flourish. This vibrant community of artists and art enthusiasts is dedicated to creating and evolving an ecosystem of spaces founded on love and healing. It is a place to collaborate, play, and have fun.

Focused on Fine Art, the Kamp Kilmer Gallery celebrates excellence by partnering with acclaimed producers, platforms, and artists. Through solo exhibitions and collaborations, Kamp Kilmer passionately pursues Val’s vision of a boundless creative space, integrating web3 technology with real-world exhibits. In December 2023, Kamp Kilmer proudly announced its collaboration with visionary producer Animus.

Our community, fostered within the Arytist Studio, is rooted in love, healing, elevation, and art. We grow organically through the contributions of those who join and enrich the space. Through mentorship, collaborative projects, and opportunities, our 'Artyists' support, elevate and advocate for each other. There is a serendipitous and magical quality to our space that continues to inspire.  It’s all about love.


With little voice, my creative juices were boiling over and pouring out of me. I started creating again, painting, writing anything I could. I felt the art healing me. I wanted to share this with others, and I started looking for a place to do so. I found a large studio in Hollywood. A fun sacred space where artists, musicians, muses, collectors, and friends could gather to celebrate creativity. It became a beacon of the Hollywood art scene and was quickly filled with art. Giant collages of other icons like Bowie, charcoal drawings by Eric Nash, Polynesian pop art by Bosko Hrnjak, and works by many other bright young minds as well as myself. I had dreamed of such a place since living in the wilderness in New Mexico and then the unthinkable, a global pandemic that pushed us all into our homes. 


You can’t snuff out destiny. The story is far from over…….Enter KAMP KILMER


KAMP KILMER is a destination where creative beings gather to express themselves in exciting and innovative ways while contributing to the evolution of the arts through technology and connectivity.


A living, breathing virtual space with boundless possibilities where a community of eclectics and artists can thrive without limitations of space and time. A decentralized hub where we come together to share ideas and collaborate on art, film, music, and literary projects. 


Is it calling out to you as well?


My name is Val Kilmer. I'm an artist. I've lived a magical life. For more than half a century, I have been honing my art, no matter the medium. Be it literature, movies, poetry, painting, music, or tracking exotic and beautiful wildlife in the most remote African bush, to capture ephemeral moments with a camera, I yearn to express my creative spirit. 


Six years ago, I was diagnosed with throat cancer, and after much prayer, medical science, and the love of my family and community, I beat cancer. But because of the radiation and chemotherapy interventions, my voice and throat were severely damaged. It isn't easy to talk and be understood. I am improving all the time, but I am not able to be out in the world the same way I had become accustomed. When one thing is taken, though, another is given.


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