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"We feel the desire, the desire to inspire!”

It isn’t just a feeling or an idea.


Around here, inspiration’s a state of being.

The Kamp Kilmer Artyist Studio was born to celebrate the talents and creativity of artists who have been drawn to, and inspired, by the spirit of Kamp Kilmer. The Artyist Studio is a place to share positivity and a desire to generate artistic energies—both independently and in collaboration; to produce an eternal source of diverse artistry and inspiration for one another and for the world.


Why? Well, that’s the best part. We exist to provide a space where artists of all genres, skill sets, and backgrounds have the opportunity to learn and create from professional mentors and collaborators so that their artwork hits the world’s stage through curated exhibits and drops all within the folds of a welcoming, supportive, inclusive atmosphere.


It’s a chance for artists—of all backgrounds, avant-garde or otherwise—to step forward. Through Val Kilmer’s Kamp Kilmer and The Artyist Studio, artists are given the stage, where one may not have existed before.To learn and grow, to trailblaze forward.


Do you feel it? The desire to inspire? Perfect. Come on in.

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We do a little bit of everything “artyist” around here, but, to put a finer point on it, we’re all about empowering our Artyists with everything they need to go beyond their comfort zone and pursue art in ways they didn’t think possible. A little of what we do in this space includes:

  • Mentorship opportunities from professional artists, curators, and producers.

  • Support for the creation and publication of NFTs through the Artyist Studio.

  • Online opportunities to sell creative works, both digital and physical.

  • Artistic training by professional and fellow artists. Group education on marketing, contracts, and more.

  • Creative and collaborative workshopping sessions.

  • Curative support on producing exhibits and collections.

  • Portfolio, biography, website, store and Twitter Spaces workshops.

  • Dedicated and branded social media and promotion for the studio and those within.

  • Information regarding calls for art/art submission bulletins for other platforms, programs, opportunities.

Why "Artyist"?

Where did we get our name? As you probably guessed, Artyist isn’t exactly a “real” word. And by real, we mean it isn’t in the dictionary—yet. Why’s that?

Well, it’s simple, really. We created it.

The name itself is a mixture of other words said together—arty, artist, artistic, and best—to convey the spirit of our studio and our patron, Val Kilmer. A spirit of creation, whimsy, inspiration, and fun. An attitude that doesn’t take ourselves too seriously, but ambitions to change the world.


While working in the online studio and attempting to name our studio space, our beloved Valgal—in a serendipitous moment—tried to say all these words, these ideas of who we are, all at once. It was a mistake so perfect that we embraced it, as a call to being. And ultimately, she was right. We are all these things, and so much more.


Artyist may not be in the dictionary, but we most definitely have meaning.


What Do the Artyists Say About the Studio?


Those who have been with the Artyist Studio from the beginning know that the Studio is a special place–there’s a magic here not like anywhere else. As members, they understand the importance and impact that the Kamp Kilmer Artyist Studio has had on Kampers, and their artistic journey as friends, collaborators, and individuals. 


Testimony and personal growth is an important part of our legacy–this Studio goes beyond creating art, NFTs, or recognition. Rather, this space is about, at its core, life-changing moments that inspire, encourage and teach us all to be everything we know we can be, and so more besides. To be the Artyist versions of ourselves. 


Here’s what members have to say about our space, and our journey, thus far:

“My art serves as a personal enrichment, as well as a tool, for sharing. Kamp Kilmer and the Artyist Studio is an inspiring avenue for that. It attracts great people and artists who have a desire to share and create. I believe in the legacy of Kamp Kilmer, the desire to inspire and provide a place for collaboration. It is an inclusive community and one that has the potential to become legendary.” - Mariah E

For all questions regarding the Artyist Studio, you may ask in Discord or send us a message!

Thanks for submitting!

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