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"A fun sacred space where
artists, musicians, muses, collectors, and friends
gather to celebrate creativity."

-Val Kilmer



Val Kilmer x Remo x Moses.

“Enigmatic” is an art exhibit that invites you to explore the mysteries of the human face. At the center of the exhibit is a stunning portrait of actor Val Kilmer, whose identity is transformed into a figure of mystery and anonymity through the power of obscurity and intrigue. The subject is obscured by a scarf adorned with colorful roses, which covers their eyes and makes it impossible to read their facial expressions.

The collection opens on April 25th at 3:30pm Pacific Time and ends on April 30th at 3;30PM Pacific Time.

It features two open edition’s, two one of one auctions, and three ranked auctions.



Val Kilmer x Remo x Moses.

The Enigmatic Token is a unique digital token designed for the Enigmatic Art drop by Val Kilmer x Moses x Remo. This token serves as a passkey to the captivating game illustrated here.

To participate in the game, one must burn their "Enigmatic" token for each redemption, which will cost 1 token

On special redemption days, May 6th, May 9th, and May 12, you can redeem 10 tokens to receive not only include the NFT but also a fine art giclee print signed by Val Kilmer.

The redemption period will start on April 30th, 2023. Each redemption window will last 24 hours with a new redemption opportunity every 24 hours. The game ends May 16th, 2023.


Featured Artist

Moses Love Boniface

Moses Love Boniface is a Nigerian multidimensional artist and art educator, known for his captivating oil paintings and sculptures.

He draws inspiration from the human psyche, exploring themes of thought, behavior, and time.

Moses' collections, including Mind's Eye and Rose Colored Glasses (currently in the “Enigmatic” drop), showcase his talent for capturing the complexities of reality.



As an official publisher on Nifty Gateway,

Kamp Kilmer invites all artists of all genres to apply for potential collaboration.

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