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The Rise & Fall of Two Kingdoms
Kamp Kilmer x Nifty Gateway

Artist: Val Kilmer x Laurence Fuller x Von Doyle x Valerie Biet x Limbo Mask x Sasha Barbolin x Animusnft

Produced by: Kamp Kilmer, Ali Alborzi, BLKPRL Studios, and Laurence Fuller

"The Rise & Fall of Two Kingdoms” is a transformative commentary on the meteoric rise and fall of today's web3 exchanges, platforms, & blockchains, and the irony of the fact that when all is done, and the dust has settled, fine art survives as artists are called upon to chronicle history for the masses.

The collection opens on November 21st

at 3:30pm Pacific Time.


LOVE Panels

Artist: Val Kilmer

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