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"A fun sacred space where
artists, musicians, muses, collectors, and friends
gather to celebrate creativity."

-Val Kilmer


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It is that time of year again when our Kamp Goblin comes out to play!
This year a lot is happening!

October 26, 2023 - 3 PM PST - October 31, 3 PM PST: 

Goblinator aka Serious Investor 2022 - Clamiz on

  • Collectors who own the 2022 Goblinator Pass will be able to claim 2 new unique Goblinators aka Serious Investor. Free (plus gas) For each pass the own.

  • Collectors who have missed out on the 2022 Goblinator Pass will be able to purchase a new unique 2023 Goblinator aka Serious Investor for approximately $ 49 USD in ETH ( at the time of this posting 0.0273 Eth)


October 26, 2023 - 3 PM PST - October 31, 3 PM PST: 

Goblinator Oddities on Nifty Gateway


Collectors can purchase a legendary curated limited edition Goblinator Oddities for 95$ USD

This randomized limited edition of 60 1/1's Features unique hand drawn traits including some pop icons like KISS, Alice Cooper and Ziggy Stardust!

Goblinator Oddity Pass will automatically update to reveal one of the unique 60 pieces in the collection once the exhibit closes.

Comes with on going collector benefits from REMO. The 1st unique NFT claim is on Nov 2 with ArtyistStudio

Produced by Val Kilmer, Ali Alborzi, BLKPRL Studios, Remo Camerota.

REMO is represented by B.Creative  -

You can see over 10,000 NFTs REMO has created since 2020 here :


October 27, 2023 - 8 PM EST - November 01, 8PM EST 

GOB-Panels on Nifty Gateway

Kamp Kilmer's Artyist Studio artists have created an exhibit that offers a wide range of artworks. The theme of these artworks is GOB-panels. Inspired by Val Kilmer's GOD Panels and our ongoing Kamp Goblin Story


REMO (Remo Camerota), Fraydikyt, Irene, Tracy Meagher, Kali Krebs, SM_Creations,, Kathy S. "WhiteBear" Copsey, Jessica TheNudistPainter, Mariah E, Miriam Orr, Maria Grace Nobile, Brigette Nason, Th3Runner, The Maine Mariner

This exhibit features:


- 1 Open edition In Memorial Piece. GOBOG - Valerie "Valgal" Potrzuski

- 1 NFT Ranked auctions with a physical piece included when the threshold is met. Different Sides of the ‘gobLines’ -Miriam Orr

- 1 NFT Ranked auctions with a physical piece included when the threshold is met. Goblin & Kyt, The Turquoise Fox -Kathy S. "WhiteBear" Copsey

- 5 auctions of 1/1 GENESIS GOB PANELS works, created X REMO over 18 months ago, are now available for the first time ever and will be a pass to Random Oddities that will airdrop from time to time.

- 1  auction of 1/1 GENESIS piece x Fraydikyt Have Courage Gobwillow  

- Many open editions with various mechanics. Please read the descriptions for details on each piece. Some include free claims, or randomized reveals that will occur after the exhibit is closed

For a more detailed breakdown of the GOB-Panels drop visit our drop page HERE

Sponsored by Val Kilmer, Ali Alborzi & BLKPRL Studios
Produced by Fraydikyt
Mentorship by Remo Camerota


“We Feel The Desire! The Desire To Inspire!”(1).png


A place for the ones who desire to inspire.

We’re excited to announce the launch of Kamp Kilmer’s Artyist Studio!

An expansion of Val Kilmer's creative vision.

Join in on the pursuit of all things art.


Whether you're new on this journey or a seasoned pro, the Artyist Studio is the heart of Kamp Kilmer community.

Discover More Exhibits


Lopez Lucha: Fighting for Kidney Kids

Remo x George Lopez

The "Lopez Lucha: Fighting for Kidney Kids" is an exhibit in celebration of George Lopez's commitment to helping children with Kidney disease attend camp through The George Lopez Foundation. All net proceeds from this exhibit will go towards this wonderful cause

This  exhibit features four open-edition pieces and one limited-edition piece. By purchasing any of these pieces, you'll be directly contributing towards sending kids with kidney disease to camp through The George Lopez Foundation.

In addition, the purchasers of the limited edition pieces will win an exclusive opportunity to attend next year's Annual George Lopez Charity Golf Classic, which benefits underprivileged children, adults, and military families with kidney disease. The event will take place in early May, 2024 in Los Angeles, CA. Each winner will receive 2 tickets to the event.



As an official publisher on Nifty Gateway,

Kamp Kilmer invites all artists of all genres to apply for potential collaboration.

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