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"A fun sacred space where
artists, musicians, muses, collectors, and friends
gather to celebrate creativity."

-Val Kilmer


“Doc Hollidays”

Val Kilmer x Wes Henry x Remo.

“In trying to understand the character of Doc Holliday, it’s important to remember he’s a fallen aristocrat, frustrated by his inability to express his authentic self. His greatest retribution for this loss was his caustic wit. His tongue is more lethal than his pistol. Throughout the drama, he’s dying of both drink and tuberculosis. In playing him, I thought of what my dear friend the great screenplay writer Robert Towne had taught me: all insightful dialogue comes out of situations, not predeveloped thought. In that regard, I saw Doc’s situation as dire. I also saw his action as defiance in the face of death. I loved him” Val Kilmer.

My Eden's After Burns

Val Kilmer x Laurence Fuller x Ruban Fro x Henrick Uldalen x Tania Rivilis x Goldcat x Jeremy Lipking x Ksenia Buridanova

In the modern world, cinema has become the vehicle for high concept multidisciplinary art, much like Opera was to generations before ~ incorporating cinematography, visual arts, literature, music and performance into a singular experience.

Today, we take this art form a step further to bring to the digital art space what we call “Cinematic Fine Art”

Starring Val Kilmer, as conceived by Henrik Uldalen, and performed by Laurence Fuller, “My Edens After Burns” illustrates this cinematic notion through point cloud special effects by Ruben Fro, and the interpretation by artists Henrik Uldalen, Tania Rivilis, Goldcat, Jeremy Lipking, and Ksenia Buridanova, of a story written by Val Kilmer & Laurence Fuller.

david at the gates.JPG

David At The Gates

Val Kilmer x Tim Maxwell x Nate Hill x Laurence Fuller

How does a supernova sound after the blast has settled and the remnants of its white dwarf gives life to new planets?

"David At The Gates" explores this question, transporting the viewer to worlds reminiscent of those created by acclaimed film directors Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nolan, and Andrei Tarkovsky.



As an official publisher on Nifty Gateway,

Kamp Kilmer invites all artists of all genres to apply for potential collaboration.

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