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Who We ARe

Who We Are

"We feel the desire! The desire to inspire!"

The Kamp Kilmer Artyist Studio celebrates the talents and creativity of artists who have been summoned and inspired by the spirit of Kamp Kilmer.


The Artyist Studio is a place to share positivity and a desire to generate artistic energies, both independently and in collaboration.


To produce an eternal source of diverse artistry and inspiration for one another and for the world.



In Loving Memory

Valerie "Valgal" Potrzuski

Valgal was and is a Early Kamper of Kamp Kilmer. She lived her life dedicated to being a creative spirit. She was an unapologetic free spirit and artist who added joy, love, and encouragement in all she did.


The Arytist Studio is named such because of Valgal. It was created in a serendipitous moment when one of our community members, Valgal, tried to say all these words together. It was a mistake that was so utterly perfect, that we embraced it as a call to being. Thus the Artyist Studio was born.

She is missed but will never be forgotten.

Forever a Kamper. Forever an Artyist of the Artyist Studio.


For all questions regarding the Artyist Studio, you may ask in Discord or send us a message!

Thanks for submitting!

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