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Twitter: @michelepetrelli

How did you get involved in NFT/Web3?

I'm a traditional and digital painter I've always liked to blend techniques. I'm not loyal to anything except what I want to achieve when I make what's in my head. The NFT world was introduced to me by a good friend of mine, Andrea. He had to make several efforts because I have always been very skeptical about cryptocurrencies. But he finally convinced me and a few years ago I minted my first NFT which was sold. Then it escalated quickly because my application to join KnownOrigin was immediately accepted, and those guys really work hard for artists. From there I also headed to other platforms on other blockchains as well, for example, the amazing tezos. And finally as of a few days ago I am honored to be part of the SuperRare family. And I always think of my friend Andrea who initially convinced me to try it.


What is your process/ how do you find inspiration?

I live in a seaside town in Italy. The sea is my source of inspiration. With my partner and my daughters, we walk on the reef. Now it is summer and we dive into the depths. What can give me more inspiration than that? The process: what I create takes shape as I am creating it. They are spots that take shape. Only later can I give it meaning. But this can happen even after years.


How did you get involved with Kamp Kilmer?

The lovely Laurence Fuller approached me about interpreting one of Val's Poems in painting and as soon as I read the poem I knew it was for me.


Tell us a bit about your collaboration with Val Kilmer.

The project was presented by my actor friend Laurence Fuller who explained everything to me. Just think that living cooped up in my own world I was not even aware that Val had been ill and of course I was very hurt. I am a film lover, and I can say with absolute certainty that I have seen all his films. And the retraction I gave him refers specifically to The Doors. However, I am happy that Val is involved in art and that like me, he loves this world.


I am a movie lover, in the past, I have also done some portraits to other Hollywood actors like Harrison Ford, Robert Redford, Alan Rickman, Bill Murray, Anthony Hopkins, and many others and I must say more men than women in fact. And now I can add to the list on Instagram this new portrait of Val. But it will be different from all the others. The style has changed and is leaning toward the abstract. I am very moody but these years I feel that way.

Thank you for this good experience.

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