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My Number
Val Kilmer x Tomer Peretz x Laurence Fuller

The follies of youth reflected in memories as man faces the eternal, what will he say?


This piece is an iconic collaboration between Val Kilmer, Tomer Peretz, and award-winning actor and poet Laurence Fuller.  A true collaboration, the conception of this brilliant piece was started at Peretz’s studio where he meticulously oil-painted Kilmer on canvas as “incomplete”. The piece was then delivered to Kilmer who wrote an original poem inspired by the piece and painted and signed by hand onto the canvas. Once complete, the spoken word, performed by Fuller, was incorporated, and the mixed media cinematic elements were constructed to bring the essence of the masterpiece to life.


Original poetry and painting by Val Kilmer 

Painting by Tomer Peretz

Performance & Mixed Media by Laurance Fuller

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