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Artist: Val Kilmer x Remo
Initial Sale Date: March 1, 2022
Price: 0 Eth - Purchaser pays gas only

“Love Heals” is a piece out of Kilmer’s massive scrapbooks, assembled from ephemera drawn from advertising, celebrity press, and art books and catalogs as well as personal objects (ranging from headshots, and call sheets to old wallets and fan gifts) that continue to delve into the nature of celebrity and icon making in the media.

Kilmer’s scrapbook series produces not only a multi-media autobiography, but through the use of juxtaposed media images, handwritten text, and found objects, Kilmer has created a sly, layered, deeply personal, and often very funny commentary on contemporary culture.

Kilmer says he’s wedged his autobiography into these works “From a fear of being found out or just an honest effort to be original, I’ve jammed my life's folly into these scrapbook action images and memories to create an emotional experience which mirrors, for me, what I get from the work of my favorite artists and writers.”

As part of the Kamp Kilmer's commitment to creating a fun sacred space where artists, musicians, muses, collectors, and friends can gather to collaborate and celebrate creativity, Kilmer enlisted multidisciplinary artist Remo, to fuse Val’s work with technology to enable the art to come to life.

Remo is a multidisciplinary artist working across genres in many mediums. His work is a fusion of conceptual, pop & street art created using the latest technologies, often mixed with generated AI.

His work has appeared in galleries such as Carrousel Du Louvre, Moscow Museum, Tate, Sofa & more.

His murals have appeared in the streets globally & he has created visual artwork for Devo, Donna Summer, Gwen Stefani, Kiss, Tommy Hilfiger, Vision Street Wear, MTV, and SKII.

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