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Gob-Man Wuz Here
Val Kilmer x Remo

“ I was inspired to create this because I heard a goblin went rummaging around in Kamp Kilmer and Val's cabin. Val wanted to inspire this goblin to find his artistic soul and sent him over to me. Val also gave the goblin his batman mask. So this Goblin wearing the batman mask comes and sits on my shoulder.  After chatting we both discovered we were into painting on walls and so I gave him tips on how we can do street art. Together we made a portrait of him as the Gob-Man and tagged the cabin with  “Gob-Man Wuz Here” - in essence to protecting the bull from the bears.” - Remo


“Gob-Man Wuz Here” is the first collaborative piece in the Kamp Goblin Project. A collaborative derivative project inspired by the Goblintown project (No affiliation).  


Ownership of this NFT will allow the claiming of a free (plus gas), unique, generative Gob-Man piece as well as full commercial rights.


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