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“ I was inspired to create this because I heard a goblin went rummaging around in Kamp kilmer and Val's cabin. Val wanted to inspire this goblin to find his artistic soul and sent him over to me. Val also gave the goblin his batman mask. So this Goblin wearing the batman mask comes and sits on my shoulder.  After chatting we both discovered we were into painting on walls and so I gave him tips on how we can do street art. Together we made a portrait of him as the Gob-Man and tagged the cabin with  “Gob-Man Wuz Here” - in essence to protecting the bull from the bears.”

- Remo

goblin toper.jpg
Chapter 1


HoW dEs ArT?”


The great man chuckled at the curious goblin and then pointed outside to another cabin. “We will enlist others to collaborate with you. To help you along your journey and realize your artistic self. You will create one piece of work with each of them, and as you do, we will learn your story and you’ll inspire us. Start with the man behind the tree over there painting the wall. His name is Remo”


“WhAt me  inSpiRe bY? “Goblin asked.  

“Follow your authentic heart. Oh… And take these with you”,  encouraged the great man as he handed Goblin a couple of spray cans. “If you need me, come find me. I’m Val and… “ he paused, reached for something wrapped in cloth, and handed it to Goblin. “You might need this too.” He winked and then moved away. 


Goblin snatched the offered gifts and hesitated only for half a heartbeat before he was gone. Up and over Remo’s shoulder, Goblin took a welcoming seat. As they spoke, Goblin unwrapped his gift. He felt his face shift and twitch as a bright bold smile took form. A mask that represented hope from the most unlikely of places. Triumphant, justice, and the courage to do what one must. Goblin tapped Remo’s temple and then stood tall on his shoulder declaring, 

“GOB-Man wᵤZ HeRe!” 

A declaration worthy of pause, cutting through the hissing aerosol can. My hand dropping to his side, I turned to discover the small little creature confidently posing. A goblin at the beginning of his adventure, not knowing the twist his life would soon take. “What have you got there, mate?” With eager fingers, Gob-man offered over his prize. As I slowly shed the cloth I couldn’t help but stare down at my new companion with a glimmer of curiosity.

Goblin widened his smile. “VaL-MaN give Gob-man! SaYs mE MaKE, LeARn!” The goblin’s eyes peeked up, trying to learn the mystery I had yet to unveil. For a moment I debated against it. The weight that came with this cowl, the meaning it held, I worried it would be too much for Goblin to bear. If Val had offered it, though, he must be worthy to use it.I slipped the cowl onto the creature’s head, sliding it in place so he could see.  “Gob-man it is. A fitting name.  A symbol of hope.”

After some fidgeting and readjusting, Gob-Man furrowed his brow and tilted his head. “Wuz dos GoB-MaN?” His hands reached behind himself, grasping for a cape that wasn’t there. A little amusing, I’ll admit. The little guy was already starting to grow on me.

The question was ‘where to begin?’ “He is a symbol of hope when all feels lost. Defender of that hope and warrior against fear. ” The sparkle in his eyes gave me a brief pause. “For those who have been consumed by fear? For those who would pray on the weak? For them he is vengeance. A warning but also a chance at redemption for those who stray from the path of light.”

Suddenly the painting I had been working on began to shift. Before my very eyes, a wonky skyline became alive with multicolored twisted metal towers. A massive Goblin city just beyond our fingertips. Gob-Man’s ears perked and a snarl came to his lips, teeth bared as he pointed toward the painting. The painting seemed to reach out for him as a gnarling raspy twisted guttural voice came from within.. “SeRiOuS InVeS

goblin toper.jpg
Chapter 2


Meanwhile in Goblintown….

Left and right the pendulum swung, back and forth from the rusted chain it hung from. With a flourish of his green-skinned hand, he beckoned forth the mind of the young goblin before him. “Listen to me and let yourself be stress-free!” As if it were magic, the goblin’s shoulders began to ease and his heart slowed to a steady rhythm. “Good… good..”

The office door swung open with a loud crash as his assistant came bumbling in with a newspaper clutched to his chest. Each step was followed by whispering words as he side-stepped hypnotized clients and bumped into furniture.  “It’s… the paper… it’s the market…”

Finally rising, the investor gave the young lad a pat on the shoulder before adjusting his pin-striped suit. He reached out and snatched the paper from his assistant’s clutch.

“ It’s …cataclysmic, sir.” A small swallow was all he could do to brace himself for the investor's reaction. It didn’t come, though. Not immediately. His eyes traced the broken numbers and scanned the flowcharts. It was a slow realization, causing his fingers to crinkle the paper beneath his death grip gradually.

“We’ll take it back…” The usually calm voice of the counselor cracked with a hiss. His thin lips twitched as a sneer formed over sharpened teeth. “No.. I’ll take it allllll !!!”

Suddenly the papers in his grip were replaced with the neck of his assistant. Eye to eye he pulled him closer as the pendulum rose between them.


Back and forth. Back and forth. The pendulum swung. Whispered words became commands. Wailing and protests became howling and cackles. Their once calm demeanor became twisted and filled with hideous intent as they all tore at their clothes and rushed to the streets below.

“Take it all!” He stepped to the window, his bulbous eyes gazing beyond to the world below. “TaKe it ALL!!”  Crouching like a gargoyle over his newly formed castle to the minions below he watched with sinister delight. No one and no goblin would be safe. It would all be his. It would all belong to the “SeRiOus InVeStor..” 


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