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The Kampground is part of Val Kilmer’s vision to create a fun and sacred place for artists to celebrate creativity. As an advocate for artists and collaboration, Kamp Kilmer wants to give an opportunity to aspiring and up-and-coming artists to learn, create, and be uplifted in the web3 space while being paid for their work. 


Kamp Kilmer invites artists of all genres to participate in Kampground projects via our Discord Community. Projects that inspire artwork from within our community that is then turned into NFTs within the Kamp Kilmer ecosystem. Artists are given up to 80% of gross revenue from the initial sale of their work and given the opportunity to have the brand and support of Kamp Kilmer behind them.  


All Kampground projects are solely for our Kamp Kilmer Discord Community. Participants must be part of the discord to participate. 


These projects vary in theme and requirements.  Please read through the requirements carefully when considering joining a project.


GOB-Panel Contest


Who is entitled to participate: All those within the Kamp Kilmer Discord Community


Due Date for Submission: August 31, 2022 9:00 PM EST


Description of Project: Kamp Kilmer Discord Community members are welcome to participate and produce an original piece of artwork incorporating the word GOB, in the fashion but not limited to, GOD-Panels. From all GOB Panels submitted to the curating team, twenty will be chosen as semi-finalists. From those twenty, the holder community of Kamp Kilmer ( Huckleberrys) will pick ten finalists.


Pieces chosen as Kampground pieces will be minted under the Kamp Kilmer brand under the subcollection Kilmer Kampground. Artists shall receive 80% of net revenue from the primary sale, only of their work. Net revenue is defined as gross revenue less any credit card or platform transaction fee’s. For purposes of clarity, Artists shall not be entitled to any revenue of any secondary sales for their work, if any. At the moment winners will be minted as 1/1, though that may change depending on the potential of the submissions.

 All submitted works must meet the following guidelines:


  1. MUST be a Kamp Kilmer Discord Member 

  2. Artwork must be submitted on or before: August 31, 2022 - 9 PM EST

  3. The word GOB must be apparent within the artwork

  4. DO NOT share/post artwork within the server or elsewhere until after the contest is completed. Submissions will be uploaded anonymously within the Kamp Kilmer Discord to keep voting based on the art itself. 

  5. All work submitted must be original work and created by the submitter.

    • Refrain from minting stolen, traced, knock-off, or infringing content. 

    • If your work incorporates unoriginal content, ensure that either the appropriated content is in the public domain or you have a valid ‘fair use’ defense. 

    • By submitting, Artists agree their work is “Orginal” work and be held liable for any copyright or infringement. 

  6. All work submitted is subject to digital manipulation and or editing at the team’s discretion 

  7. Upon submission, you will have the opportunity to grant collaboration ideas to add more value to your submitted work. ( animation, music etc) Be advised that collaboration with a Kamp Kilmer artist will reduce compensation ratios and will be discussed if your work is chosen.  

  8. Art must be uploaded digitally with a minimum of 300 dpi ( Traditional art can be scanned, or photographed with high resolution with no shadows) Art not meeting high-resolution standards may be rejected and or digitally edited with negotiation for compensation.

  9. File size limit for artwork: 50mb

  10. Files must be in one of the following formats: .jpeg, .gif, .png, .mp4 

    • For MP4 files, use the H.264 or X.264 codec (not H.265, HVEC, MPEG-4, or WEBM)

    • For the best viewer experience, we recommend still images around 3000px and video files around 2000px

  11. Work must be uploaded to google drive and the link to that drive submitted. If you do not have a google drive, please create one specifically for this purpose. 

  12. Submitted work should have the submitter's name included in the file name. Eg: Fristname.lastname.artworkname.jpg   or discordname_fournumbers.artworkname.jpg

  13. Submitting work does not guarantee acceptance or rendering into NFT under Kamp Kilmer. 

  14. The curative team chooses 20 semi-final submissions by August 8, 2022 

  15. Huckleberry Role will vote  for the final 10 by August 12, 2022, and those artists will be notified privately before a public announcement is made, on August 15, 2022

  16. The final compensation agreement and supply will be finalized with the winning artists and the Kamp Kilmer team.

  17. By submitting you agree to the above requirements

May traditional artists participate?

Absolutely! We ask artists to either have their traditional piece scanned or to take a high-resolution photo without any shadows/ glares on the artwork. Our team can take your digital upload and make it work for the final rendering if chosen.

Do we have to make the GOB-Panel look like the example?
No, you do not. You have complete and utter creative freedom as long as the word GOB is apparent in your final piece.

Will these be sold by Kamp Kilmer?

Yes! Kamp Kilmer will have a subcollection called Kampground. The final artist work will be created as NFTs and sould in this collection. Artists shall receive 80% of net revenue from the primary sale, only of their work. Net revenue is defined as gross revenue less any credit card or platform transaction fee’s. For purposes of clarity, Artists shall not be entitled to any revenue of any secondary sales for their work, if any.

Kamp Kilmer Copyright Community Guidelines:

Copyright is the law of art.  As a digital art platform and producer, we take copyright law seriously and encourage our Artists and Collectors to learn more about their rights.  Please visit the Kamp Kilmer Copyright Community Guidelines for more information on copyright law, the difference between “original” and “infringing” content, and the fair use defense.

For more information or further questions please join our discord and ask in our project chat.

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