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 Kamp Kilmer x Nifty Gateway


My Number


Val Kilmer x Tomer Peretz x Remo 


Produced by Ali Alborzi, BLKPRL Studios, B.Creative 

Performance by Laurence Fuller


There comes a time for all of us to meet our maker, and account for our lives. “My Number” explores the metaphorical moment of final judgment, an exhibit evoking themes of morality, legacy, and readiness for the culmination of earthly existence. 


The collection is based on a large 48” by 60” oil on canvas of Val Kilmer painted by Tomer Peretz. In true collaborative form, the piece was delivered to the home of Kilmer who wrote & hand painted an original poem directly onto the canvas. The finished product is a culturally important work that invites the viewer into the mind of an icon as he contemplates his moment of judgment. 


Each piece in the collection challenges the audience to construct meaning based upon personal reflections, experiences, opinions, and interpretations of the subject. 

This collection opens on September 24th at 6:30pm PDT.

It features one open edition, one 1/1  auction, three  limited edition pieces, and a special drawing 

The collection will be available for one week, starting on 9/24/22 at 6:30pm PDT.

“When I was younger I dreamed of the magic number, the number of plunder, of all of the wonder. Cataclysmic founder of what was always louder. It’s freezing out here in the twilight. What will I say during the interrogation, when I’m placed as under, and they take my number away from me, for good, as they should.” Val Kilmer

Fifteen Minutes of Fame (Open Edition)


$97.00 usd

"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes." This celebrated quote has become Andy Warhol's most well-known statement. It has led to the concept of "Fifteen Minutes of Fame"—the idea that celebrity, from media scandals to memes, will almost always be fleeting. 


As is fame, life, as well, is fleeting. 


In this open edition, artist Remo Camerota reimagines artwork created by Val Kilmer x Tomer Peretz, adding a “Warholesque” interpretation.


An iconic pop culture work that brings the viewer into the mind of a man contemplating his final moment of judgment, challenges the observer to examine the application of Kilmer’s poem, and Warhol’s statement to their own lives. 

The sale opens on September 24th at 6:30pm ET, and closes on October 1st at 11:59pm ET.

NFT’s will be delivered to collectors at the close of sale.

As a special added bonus, all collectors of this open edition piece will be entitled to claim a free unique, 1/1 fine art NFT in the coming weeks. 


The free NFT will be signed by Val Kilmer and based on the open edition artwork.


Instructions on how to claim the free NFT will be emailed to collectors in the coming weeks, and will also be found on the Kamp Kilmer website

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