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GOD Panels
Val Kilmer


“Parsing the name GOD out in multiples, invites the viewer to abstract and examine the word and one’s own relationship with the word itself. The repetition and reproduction is me, trying to “get it right” to keep deeply contemplating the subject, constantly revisiting and revising it." - Val Kilmer.

The GOD Panels project is the first collaborative NFT project within the “Kamp Kilmer” ecosystem. 

The project utilizes a first-of-its-kind art engine; cutting-edge blockchain technology that enables the creation of collections of collaborative, dynamic, and continuously evolving, digital art pieces. 


The project initially unfolds around the public sale of the genesis God Panel art pieces that have been created by Kilmer. These “genesis pieces” become the foundational basis of a collection of collaborative, dynamic, continuously evolving digital art pieces. 


Subsequent to the sale of the 'genesis pieces', multiple artists will be invited to participate in the expansion of the collection through collaboration where they will create new, derivative pieces. Each of these artists brings a new feeling, or theme, to the ever evolving collection. Within this construct, multiple series from different artists will evolve as the single collection is expanded, bringing a new feeling and dynamic to the overall collection. 


As the project evolves, gamification elements will be introduced such as enabling collectors to merge the pieces in their collection to create their own, derivatives pieces. 

Community tools will be implemented to enable God Panel owners the ability to manage the project as it evolves, creating an autonomous art collection that can continue to expand beyond our lifetimes.

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