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"I was inspired by how much courage it takes an aspiring artist to share their work. To share themselves, what they have poured their heart and soul into, to the world. Even more so those who dare not call themselves an artist but wish to be. By embracing who you are, you will become who you were meant to be.

This is what I believe is behind the story of Willow and in turn, the story of our Kamp Goblin as he finds his true artistic self. " - Kyt

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Chapter 1

“WhAt me  inSpiRe bY? “Goblin asked.  

“Follow your authentic heart”,  encouraged the great man as he pointed toward another cabin and the start of Goblin’s quest.  “If you need me, come find me. I’m Val and… “ he paused, reached for something wrapped in cloth, and handed it to Goblin. “You might need this too.” He winked and then moved away. 


Goblin snatched the offered gifts and hesitated only for half a heartbeat before he was gone to begin his quest. 


Goblin snatched the offered gifts and hesitated only for half a heartbeat before he was gone to begin his quest.


So it came to pass that with a hop, skip, and a delighted twirl, Goblin made his way toward the cabin that the great man had pointed to. At first, he was confused. No one was there. All he saw was the cabin and the trees.

Suddenly a flicker of bright turquoise caught the corner of his eye. He spun about to try and see it, only to see another flicker from the other side. He spun again and then, there before him, was a turquoise fox with white tufts of fur at the tip of its ears. It tilted its head in curious wonder of the Goblin before it and then it spun in place in excitement.

 “Ohh you’re magical! I’ve been waiting for you.. “ the fox spoke and then giggled as her tail flicked back and forth. “I am Kyt.”

Now one would think meeting a turquoise-talking fox would be rather shocking but for Goblin, not so much. It was certainly different and unexpected to find in Kamp Kilmer but he was from Goblintown after all. It was simply one strange creature meeting another.

“YoU dEs ArT?!” Goblin asked eagerly with a touch of confusion.

Kyt nodded and then grinned a mischievous playful grin. “I do!” Her tail flicked. “I bring magic and stories to life,” she whispered as if she were telling a secret. With slow steps full of wisdom she closed the distance between Goblin and herself. “I also help others find their magic..” she gestured to the cloth-bound gift in Goblin’s hand.

Goblin unwrapped the gift with care. As he took hold of the twisted stick his wide-eyed gaze flicked from the gift to Kyt and back again. Magic sparked to life within it and a blue aura came about Goblin and his newfound wand.

 “Let’s go Gobillow!”Kyt exclaimed as she spun about. Her tail flicked Gobillow in the nose before she darted behind Val’s cabin. “Adventure awaits!”

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Goblin & Kyt, The Turquoise Fox - by  Kathy S. "WhiteBear" Copsey


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